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Welcome to the Kalrez® Technical Literature Library


Here you will be able to find a lot of information about all the various Kalrez® compounds and applications.

Please find the Kalrez® document that you are interested in and click on the image next to it to view the document.

Kalrez® Brochures



 Kalrez®, offers reliable long term sealing.

Kalrez® Offering Overview  
 Kalrez®, Optimize total system cost.

Kalrez® 6380 case story  


O-Ring Troubleshooting Guide

Kalrez® Technical Datasheets


    Spectrum™ Grades



Properties Data Sheet






Outstanding resistance in wide range of chemicals down to a temperature of -42°C

6375 75
Outstanding resistance in wide range of chemicals upto a temperature of 275°C    CPI
6380 80
None black product specially developed for chemical processes involving hot, aggresive amines. Max continuous temperature 225°c    CPI
7075 75
Excellent resistance in chemical and hydrocarbon processing industries. Excellent compression set with upper temperature limit of 327°C    CPI
7090 90
Excellent mechanical properties. Suited to static & dynamic applications at high temperatures where extrusion resistance is required. Rapid gas decompression resistance with continuous service temperature to 325°C   


O & G
    Other Standard Grades    
0090 95
Excellent Chemical resistance and outstanding resistance to Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD). Independantly tested and certified by MERL to meet Norsok    M-710 rev.2.  Achieved highest possible 0000 rating. Upper servie temperature 250°C.  O & G
1050LF 82
Best in class for hot water/steam and excellent amine resistance and enhanced compression set properties. Excellent with wet amines and offers low outgassing at high temperatures. Temperatures to 288°C    CPI
 3018  91 Similar to 1050LF but has higher hardness/modulus. Good in hot water/steam and amines. Offers the best high pressure extrusion resistance.
   CPI + O&G
 3065  90 Designed to function under extrusion at extreme pressure.Good all round chemical resistance + excellent resistance to sour oils & amines. Upper service to 288 deg C. Usually used to produce V Rings & custom parts, not O Rings.
 O & G
not O Rings
None filled compound with high purity. Good in Oxygen environment & excellent in ozone. Well suited to vacuum service and static application requiring low stress/low sealing force. Maximum upper temperature limit 275 deg C
  Pharmaceutical & high purity environments
Suitable for many applications and was one of the first materials to be developed in the Kalrez range. Outstanding hot air ageing properties with low compression set at high temperatures. Maximum operating temperature of 315 deg C but avoid water/steam & amines at high temps.
  General Purpose




70 (white)  

75 (black)           

Superior chemical resistance & low contamination in food & handling applications where FDA compliance is required. Suitable for WFI & SIP systems. Thermal stability upto 260 deg C which permits stage II sterilisation processes.



For further information about Dichtomatik and DuPont products please view our downloadable brochures. Please find the Kalrez® product that you are interested in and click the image next to it to view the technical document. All of these documents are available in other languages from the DuPontKalrez® website as well as further information on other DuPontproducts.



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