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Welcome to the Vamac® Technical Literature Library


Here you will be able to find a lot of information about all the various Vamac® compounds and applications.

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Vamac® ethylene acrylic elastomer

Vamac® (AEM) products are a comprehensive family of heat and fluid resistant elastomers  for flexible applications ranging from hoses, dampers and boots to seals and gaskets.  Vamac® provides significant performance advantages over low temperature ACM and HNBR grades,  including better low temperature resistance and high temperature  performance up to 175°C.  Compared to HNBR substantial cost savings can be achieved.

Flame resistance / Smoke suppression / Corrosive off-gases

Vamac® is not inherently flame-resistant. However, it can be filled easily with large volumes of hydrated alumina.  This polymer/ filler combination provides vulcanizates with good flame resistance, off-gases free of halogens,  and an unusually low smoke density.  The heat aging performance associated with normal compounds of Vamac® will be reduced by the necessarily high levels of alumina in low-smoke, "reduced fire hazard", compositions. Magnesium hydroxide may also be used, but only in Vamac® dipolymer. The choice of flame retardant filler is critical; metal oxides, for example,  will ionically cross-link Vamac® terpolymers.

Oil Resistance

Compounds of Vamac® resist oil better than compounds of Neoprene or silicone. The oil resistance of Vamac® approaches that of acrylonitrile and epichlorohydrin,  but is less than that of Viton®. see chart appendixed below*



Polymer Composition

see composition / heat & oil resistance here :



(heat & oil heatresistance) 

Types of Vamac

see types + key features here :

Product Line & Grade Selection

see Vamac ® range here :
(includes polymer structure,applications,
properties,and compatibility data)

O Ring & Seal production


See the following examples of data sheets
outlining properties of Vamac material used to produce  O Rings. 








AE 60 18 01






AE 70 18 01




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