Troubleshooting Guide for O-rings and Seals

Posted on: July 20th, 2012 by admin

We understand that you may need assistance, and/or extra information on troubleshooting for O-rings and seals, and Dupont have kindly supplied this selection of guides below.

These troubleshooting sections from Dupont, include photos of O-rings and seals damaged from chemical, thermal, or mechanical attack. By understanding the cause of O-ring failure, proper selection of an alternative elastomer or seal design can help improve seal life.

For help in evaluating your sealing performance, DuPont also offer assistance in compound selection and seal design for Kalrez® parts. Before an in-depth analysis of O-ring failure can be provided, application data, such as process chemicals, temperatures, etc. must be supplied.

Please click on the links to see the guides:



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